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Women’s Watches for Every Occasion

Women and watches are incredibly complementary: they’re powerful tools of attraction, expression and social class. But watches, of course, are extra pricey. It doesn’t really matter how much you want a watch: there are too many options (and too many different tastes) to make it easy to decide. So in the end, the decision comes down to this: Are you looking for a watch to tell the time in, or to make a statement about who you are? สล็อตเว็บตรง

every day Use your watch to tell the time. It’s true. So, when you’re at a nightclub, or running through your daily activities, make sure you’re wearing a watch. Or it’s time to check your timepiece.

evening affairs Up the ante a little. A dress watch – or a two-tone watch with a unique band – can be the most subtle way to stand out. At these events, you want to be sure to get noticed for your class and style, not your timepiece.

Choosing a watch

When it comes to buying women’s watches, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In the first place, your watch – aside from its appeal and style – should be functional. Nothing looks better on your wrist than a plain old watch. Secondly, your watchband – the part that covers your wrist – should be thick and comfortable so that you can wear it the whole day. Finally, your watch should have a durable home, an enduring place where it can launch you from the office to the nightclub.

For a good solid foundation, your watch should come in good shape. For many, that means it should be free of scratches and other blemishes. For more sophisticated timepieces, a hard-wearing mineral glass cover – which doesn’t scratch – will protect your watch from tougher elements. Polycarbonate is another, slightly more fashionable material. It’s often found on sporty watches and usually on those made for creative people who expect great things. Some watches with an ordinary rubber band also have this cover.

Watch Band – A watch watchband – is the part of the watch that stays on your wrist. Riding up a protruding button is uncomfortable and can almost put you off when wearing a watch. That band may get so loose that it drags on the watch face and can almost tear it in half. Make sure you pick out a band that either folds flat or has a T-shape. These shapes will make sure it’s a comfortable fit.Watches

The face of the watch – the area where you actually see the time – should be gripped with your two fingers, and not by just the watch’s front. Remember to never forget the date, too, unless it says it’s Sunday. Neither the time, nor the day of the week-you might just want to throw this one away.Watches

The dial of course – where you’ll see the time – should be front and center. Make sure you get a watch that – depending on its other features – is easy to read. If it says it with a big font, you’ll read it easily; otherwise, go for a simple design.Watches

That’s about it. That’s what you need to know about buying a new watch. Tell you what, though, about the men you’re meeting, or what outfit you’ll be wearing before you go out the door – or, if it’s a women’s watch, just what the right accessory will be. There’s a good chance it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to determine what watch you need. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count!Watches



Women's Watches